Local gastronomy restaurant

An unconventional cuisine from garden to plate

The Atipika’a Restaurant

The Atipika’a restaurant located in the heart of the complex invites you on an atypical culinary journey where you will discover a range of local and international flavors.

With its idyllic location facing the lagoon and surrounded by authentic tropical vegetation, immerse yourself in a culinary experience that is both exquisite and serene.

A team of talented chefs prepare exquisite dishes using fresh, local ingredients.

Hotel Apatoa
Hotel Apatoa

Your dinner at Atipika’a

In an enchanting setting on the edge of the lagoon, come and taste refined cuisine, highlighting local delights, while soaking up the natural beauty of this paradise island.

An elegant and memorable evening where each bite is an invitation to wonder and travel.

Fruits, vegetables, and herbs from the garden

Fruits, vegetables and flowers are grown in the large dedicated farmed garden in the immediate vicinity of the hotel. Panoramic walks, pickings and tastings are regularly offered there.

Apatoa is able  to respond to special requests in the catering offer or in the organization of thematic stagings to the extent of its possibilities.

Hotel Apatoa
Hotel Apatoa

Our commitments

The establishment emphasizes environmental and cultural sustainability.

Responsible management of energy and water, as well as harmonious integration into the natural landscape are part of the daily functioning of the hotel.

Hotel Apatoa

Bar, Coktails and Tapas

Sit down in a warm and relaxing lounge area, which offers a breathtaking view of the sunset to end the day in style.

It’s the ideal place to share moments of conviviality, while enjoying refreshing cocktails and gourmet tapas.

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