Hotel Apatoa in Raiatea
Atipika Restaurant in Raiatea
Wellness center in Raiatea
Apatoa Hôtel Restaurant et Spa

Luxurious and Exotic 4-star Hotel in Raiatea

Glamping in the heart of Polynesia

Apatoa Hôtel Restaurant et Spa

Local gastronomy restaurant

An unconventional cuisine from our garden to your plate
Apatoa Hôtel Restaurant et Spa

Wellness & Spa Area

An exceptional setting to relax
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The Polynesian Glamping Experience

Apatoa Beach & Garden Village is a contemporary boutique hotel situated in the ancient coconut groves in the far southwest of the island of Raiatea.

Classified as a Hotel Restaurant & Spa ★★★★, the establishement plays the card of originality proposing accomodation in lodge tents inspired by glamping and specifically designed for the polynisian climate.

Whether you’re searching for adventure, romance or relaxation, Apatoa will provide an unforgetable experience as close as possible to  nature.

Nathalie and Didier

A comprehensive hotel complex with a restaurant and a Spa

Book your dream stay in Raiatea with our beach or garden bungalow accommodation offer. Enjoy the gourmet restaurant, our wellness center or activities.

Escape into an authentic and peaceful environment.

The hôtel on the beach

With its luxurious and modern architecture inspired by Polynesian shells, the hotel offers a holistic and comfortable experience nestled in nature. The en-suite bungalows offer a haven of peace to relax and recharge your batteries.

the waterside restaurant

Atipika’a offers eclectic and varied cuisine boasting bistronomic meals with local accents in the restaurant, healthy treats and platters in the lounge bar or even sunset cocktails on the terraces.

The garden side spa

The Wellness Center is located opposite the marae, in an area conducive to rejuvenation. It combines the benefits of the spirituality of the area and ancestral Polynesian practices. Let yourself be pampered with relaxing massages, beauty treatments and wellness sessions.


Explore the crystal clear waters of  Raiatea’s lagoon, immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of the island during days organized by the hotel. Or, enjoy moments of entertainment and relaxation thanks to the multiple facilities at your disposal.

The hotel in Raiatea offers 3 types of accommodations

Immerse yourself in an unforgettable glamping experience by choosing one of our bungalows with a roof reminiscent of local shells and let yourself be carried away by the magic of Apatoa.

You will enjoy sumptuous accommodation, with an elaborate design and specially designed for the Polynesian climate.

Troca Bungalows

Our 10 “troca” Bungalows, located within the gardens, have en-suite layouts, covered terraces and flower gardens which preserve the tranquility. Thus offering a modern experience focused on well-being in the middle of nature.

Luxe Bungalows

Our 5 luxury Bungalows in the shape of “7 fingers”, located on the sea side, each have a private swimming pool. Their large terraces facing the sea are the perfect place to admire the natural beach and the magnificent sunsets. Thus offering an authentic experience in luxurious comfort.

The villa

Situated on the hill overlooking the hotel, the Apatoa villa concentrates calm and privacy in the highest range of hotel comfort. With its modular structure, it is the ideal space for groups or for organizing intimate corporate events.

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